Thursday, September 02, 2010

This week's self-serving and genuinely depressing mayoral race coverage

"The circa-1850s St. Lawrence Hall has played host to many poignant moments in our city’s history. Monday night’s mayoral debate hosted by Heritage Toronto and the Toronto Historical Association was not one of them."

- Enzo Di Matteo in Now Magazine, managing to complain about a limp debate concerning "the preservation of our city’s history, be it cultural, natural or its built form." 739 words later, all we've learned is that Smitherman showed some conservationist cred, except that he didn't. Everyone else must simply have bored Enzo and he's paid it forward.

"Just before I went on holiday, I got a message from the Ford campaign, addressed as follows: 'Dear Joe Fiorito ‘Al Gosling Is Dead.’ That was the salutation, all on one line. Not “Dear Joe Fiorito,” but “Dear Joe Fiorito ‘Al Gosling Is Dead.’ That’s not just some dumb mistake. That’s sick. If you read this column at all, you know the Gosling story. Maybe you don’t care that an 82-year old man was kicked to the curb by this city’s community housing corporation — evicted for the flimsiest of reasons — and, while living in a shelter, he picked up a bug of some kind and died as a result. But I sure as hell care."
-From The Star. Full disclosure: I'm not a Fiorito admirer and I didn't follow his Al Gosling material until recently. But just knowing that somebody at Ford's campaign thinks it's important enough to footnote is, in and of itself, scary as hell. I don't think Ford had anything to do with this, it's probably the classic overzealous campaign worker that's in such demand 'round these parts these days. It's as depressing as the kitten-eater nonsense during McGuinty's campaign, which at the very least didn't feature a flesh-and-blood corpse as a punchline.

"At Toronto City Hall, the old leftist guard is on the rooftop preparing a landing pad for the postelection helicopters that will finally airlift the David Miller regime out of office."
- Terrance Corcoran in the National Post, dipping into a last days of Saigon thing at the start and end of 1,238 words. It doesn't work any better at the end. But the quiet shout-out to Rossi and shrug towards Ford ("What Mr. Ford brings to the campaign is attitude rather than policy") is a bit surprising. So is the idea that St. Clair Ave. looks like Poland before the Iron Curtain dropped.


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