Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Idle nonsense from earlier this year

Between paint-splatters, online.

Her: Wanna play scrabble? I'm bored.

Me: I'd be delighted but I'm painting my kitchen. There's yeast everywhere. Er...not as gross as it sounds.

You sure?

Me: Bread. I was baking bread all night. My weird stress response.

Her: Ah. I prefer alcohol.

Me: Me too. But I have a child. I can't say "Here's a change of pace little fella, daddy's throwing up on you tonight."

Her: I suppose. Though it's been done.

Me: By Robin Williams among others. I stole the line. Wanna help me paint?

Her: Nah. I'll stay here under my blankee.

Me: Fine. You can come here and sit under a blanket and WATCH painting if u want.

Her: 'You' want. Don't use 'u' in place of 'you'. You're over 40. it's unseemly.

Me: I am? I'll get back to you on that if I accept it.

Heh. In my mind you're still 16.

Me: In YOUR mind? Hell. In MY mind I'm still 16. Despite my best efforts.

Her: You're still younger than me, dude. I'm one month older. It makes all the difference in the world.

Me: On what plain?

Her: Yogurt?

Me: Astral plain, I meant.

Her: Astro plain yogurt?

Me: Very well madam. Would you like that with granola?

Her: Yes. And blueberries.

...what can I say? It made me smile.

Sept. 2010


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