Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Addenda behaviour

Follows Lion behaviour

Just a follow-up urged by those very few in the know; the stroke victim discussed by Bernie and the rest of us had died a few hours before that luncheon. We all knew about it when we sat down. The dangers of not maintaining good physical health, a low-sodium diet and frequent medical checkups were also put on the table by Bernie. Those of us who had lost family members to similar ailments held his sense of timing and perspective in low regard.

This relates to the few days between Bernie apologizing or trying to paint himself as unfairly persecuted. The reader can decide which one is warranted. I've heard that both sociopaths and narcissists lack empathy: Bernie didn't quite qualify. In times of stress, he felt intensely sorry for himself.

Respectfully - March 2010


Anonymous said...

Jseus!! LET IT GO!

Mike D. said...

My point exactly. Read the Lion Behaviour piece.

And less caps, dude.

And there's no need to take Jseus' name in vain.

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