Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Part of a misguided New Year's resolution

This is the most embarrassing meme I’ve ever been talked into, but what the hell. Admitting you have a problem is part of the process, right?

The ten turns of phrase (or clichés) which I overuse on a weekly (if not daily) basis are…

In no particular order of frequency:

1. That’s our due diligence.
2. Bastards. Bastards all. (inspired by Hunter S. Thompson, often muttered in disapproval)
3. Fair enough.
4. I’ve had a lovely time. But this wasn’t it. (blame Groucho Marx for that one)
5. Can I borrow you for a minute?
6. We can have the best of both worlds if…
7. God has mercy. (said most often with an ironic shrug in response to something unpleasant - occasionally thrown out with sincerity in response to something unexpectedly merciful)
8. The worst thing that’ll happen is…
9. Near enough for jazz.
10. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

C’mon. Post your own top ten and join the fun. Who could resist?


Anonymous said...

1. Nice....
2. Awesome
3. No worries (and old Aussie throwback)
5. Jackass (usually when driving)
6. Nice (I use it all the time, hence twice))
7. Seriously!
8. I good with that
9. Dear God help me (used in the deeply ironic way)
10. Well done
Given the fact that I am a teacher, read these as you will

STAG said...

Good....I LIKE that.
How cool is that eh?
(and for a change)
How cool that is.
Oh Maaaan!
Good stuff.

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