Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pacem in Terris

No Christmas musings. I've just moved into a house that's still undergoing the magic of a renovation or two (after a blizzard, yet) so I'm not much into introspection. I am into drinking coffee, making sure my son is in good stead (he is) and savouring the people around me without focusing on those most conspicious in their absence. Yin and yang, right? And in the immortal words of John Cougar Mellencamp, life goes on.

Divide time between the ecumenical and secular pleasures of the season. A Christmas Carol is a fine Christmas movie, as is Die Hard (and yeah, I'm not the first to figure that out). The Gospel According to St. Matthew is a neo-realist favourite around Christmas and Easter for me (and yeah, I might be the first person to use the phrase 'neo-realist favourite'), but chasing a three year old around and vacumning up drywall dust takes up most of the time. Really, it's just nice to spend time with the usual suspects.

If you're feeling in a giving mood, is more than willing to spread whatever goodwill you've got to the charity of your choice regardless of your political/social stripe. They list everybody.

If the giving's done, just have one for me. All the best, all around.


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