Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Right. Any ideas?

"When President Bush took office, he inherited President Clinton’s surpluses — four years in a row, budget surpluses, on a trajectory of $5.6 trillion in surplus. And with his reckless economic policies, within two years, he had turned that around.

And now eight years later, the foundation of that fiscal irresponsibility, combined with an anything goes economic policy, has taken us to where we are today. They claim to be free market advocates, when it’s really an anything goes mentality. No regulation, no supervision, no discipline. And if you fail, you will have a golden parachute, and the taxpayer will bail you out.

Those days are over. The party is over in that respect. Democrats believe in a free market. We know that it can create jobs, it can create wealth, it can create many good things in our economy. But in this case, in its unbridled form, as encouraged, supported, by the Republicans — some in the Republican Party, not all — it has created not jobs, not capital, it has created chaos."

And the meltdown is official. I know I'm in the wrong country and all, but it's fascinating. McCain's whiplash response to what he calls a partisan attack by Pelosi is both telling and outright terrifying. You can read Pelosi's entire address here, decide for yourself whether it was grandstanding or if it was her "Have you no decency, sir, at long last?" moment in the best Joseph Welch tradition with Bush standing in for McCarthy.

To be fair, one should spread the blame around. In the late 80's, Bobcat Goldthwait said that "Blaming Ronald Reagan for the state of the country is like blaming Ronald McDonald when you eat a bad cheeseburger. Neither of them runs the company." He was not without a point, then or now.


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