Friday, July 18, 2008


1. To Alex Gibney, director of the Gonzo documentary- the archival stuff is great, but a little greenscreen back projecting goes a long way. The splitscreen Vietnam/Iraq corpses gets its point across the first time (and in half the time allotted). And bringing Jimmy Buffet into it might be historically accurate, but I for one felt kinda dirty.

2. To Steven Page- if you've gotta get stuck allegedly snorting coke on the US side of the border, it's all for the best to allegedly use a rolled up Canadian banknote. It'll get you props for not selling out to the Yanqui dollar in some circles. I hope it's allegedly a fifty.

3. To Michael Coren- keep writing self-righteous mush like this (which is pretty much a given) and you'll waive the whole 'judge not, that ye be not judged' card that you'll pull out at some point in the future after some catastrophe (personal or canonical).

4. If you're the kind of guy to introduce yourself by saying "Everyone calls me Fletch," 23 years after Mr. Chase's magnum opus, you might consider a past-glory-days repositioning.

5. Actually, I never met the guy cited above. He might be a hell of a guy. I'd advise myself not to be so dismissive, but what are the odds of me listening? Especially when I'm at the third-person stage in a narrative? Let's move on.

6. Sensible advice from Travis before heading out for a writing weekend, "Don't try to write anything profound. Just write a nice story." And off we go.


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