Saturday, June 30, 2007

Suspended (by request)

This is a letter sent to me from a high-school friend near the end of our University terms when we were presumably too old (or at least too established) to be writing this kind of low-level flirt to each other. It's from 1991, just post-Gulf War I (which somebody should coin).

It's appearing in this context as a favour to someone who intends it as a shout-out to the universe, probably something along the lines of 'It doesn't seem that long ago to be that dippy,' or more sweetly, 'Dippy sometimes was just sweet.' Either way, names and locations have been redacted upon request.

And dippy or sweet, it has lingered in a box of old letters for over 15 years, waiting for a night when I'm trying to write and can't find enough of an ending to bother beginning anything.

Left-click for a readable size if your tastes lean towards the voyeuristic (or you revel in reading other people's mail).

Consider it emotional archeology for the souls involved - even the most embarassing stuff mattered once upon a time.

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