Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Poetry (you don't have to read any)

Been surrounded by bad organization, bad communications, bad screenwriting, some truly bad political posturing, and came home to read The Whole Motion, a very good collection of poetry written by James Dickey, who according to his exhaustive and exhausting biography was a bad human being and a good liar. But the good poetry reminds me of the level of bad poetry out there. And a lot of bad writing that might count as bad poetry.

Good poetry is dance, because dance is probably the only real poetry, with the definition being 'a state of mind or emotion outside of the medium upon which the sentiment is carried.' With that in mind (and lifted from a chance encounter with Krimson News), this is good poetry:

Eryn Dace Trudell, Dancer and Choreographer, explains, “You have to be open to anything –any possibility. There is no… well, there’s no controlling the situation. You have to be able to change direction.”

Anna Asimakopulos reports, “Which is why Eryn Dace Trudell choreographed a piece with just about every contingency planned –and kid’s toys just in case.”

Monica Gan, Dancer, explains, “In a way, the mother overrides the dancer, because, you’re always looking out for the safety of your child –first of all.”

Anna Asimakopulos informs, “Trudell came up with the idea in the months after her daughter was born.”

Eryn Dace Trudell, Dancer and Choreographer, explains, “I mean, it’s my passion. And I would want her to share that passion –not that I want her to be a dancer or anything. But I also don’t want her to feel excluded from, you know? I think it’s important to integrate our children into our lives.”

Anna Asimakopulos adds, “Being able to rehearse and perform with a baby is something dancers don’t usually get to do –which is why Trudell had mommas lining up to perform with her.”

Monica Gan, Dancer, explains, “I hadn’t danced yet since giving birth, so that was a great opportunity –a really nice entry back into dancing.”

Anna Asimakopulos continues, “And maybe more than that. These mommas might just be onto something. Momma Dances is running out of free spots for its shows –proving that there is an appetite for the beguiling mix of babies, and dance.”

The most exasperating talent in the world is when somebody does something planned and impossible, deliberate and conceived...and makes it look easy. See above.

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