Thursday, October 19, 2006

No? Well, maybe this'll work...

Minister Proposes One-Deployment Limit for Afghan War

Gordon O’Connor told the Commons defence committee Wednesday that with a little luck and good planning, the army won’t have to ask soldiers to return again and again to battle Taliban insurgents.

Yeah. Luck and good planning. That pretty much sums up our involvement in Afganistan thus far. Everything's just coming up poppies.

Liberals, Tories in Dead Heat

The leaderless Liberals and Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives were in a dead heat in public support, a new public opinion poll has suggested.

This is interesting. Sort of like saying “Okay, you’ve got the choice of getting into one of two buses. One bus has a driver. One does not, but there are a bunch of guys sitting in the bus arguing over who should be driving. Which one do you want to get into?”

It’s pretty clear that the bus with the driver is actually moving. The other bus is stationary, but will get around to moving in the near future. Exactly where is unclear. But it won’t take the same route that the bus with the driver is taking. Again…which one do you want to get into?

Aside from suggesting that at least half of Canadians think that Harper isn’t so hot as a driver, I don’t think this poll accomplishes much. We’ll have to wait until the Liberals choose a leader and then see who’s going to stay in their bus and who's running after the other bus, arms waving in the air, begging for Harper to slow down.

Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison

Stephanopoulos asked whether the president agreed with the opinion of columnist Tom Friedman, who wrote in The New York Times today that the situation in Iraq may be equivalent to the Tet offensive in Vietnam almost 40 years ago. "He could be right," the president said, before adding, "There's certainly a stepped-up level of violence, and we're heading into an election."

Bush is noting that the Tet offensive featured a lot of violence. And yes, Tet did precede an election, although since Tet started in January ‘68 and the US elections were in November ’68, it’s a stretch to say that it occurred just as the US was ‘heading into an election.’

You get the feeling that he’s either forgotten or simply has chosen to ignore that Tet was a horrible blow to previous US claims that things in Vietnam were, if not peachy, at least containable. Public opinion of the war went south rapidly and most people see any comparison to Tet as a bad thing.

Not in the case of George W. It could be that he simply has decided to ignore what Tet signifies for a lot of people. If its also true that the violence in Iraq is no longer containable, there can be a conscious decision to plow through any Tet comparisions as if perhaps they’re not necessarily a bad thing. A two-for-one; It reinvents Tet and quietly begins to erase the everything’s-getting-better philosophy on Iraq from the White House and buddies.

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