Saturday, October 07, 2006


Those fine people we all know and endure, considering the day's events at eventide...

Harper Complains to Bush about Arar

Bush, heading to bed early with a map of Iraq under his arm and Dick Cheney ready to tuck him in, considers Stefan Hooper's complaint and says "I'll get right on that," with a sleepy yawn, sure that he'll remember it sometime after his upcoming vacation.

40th Canadian Soldier Died in Afganistan, NATO Confirms

Prime Minster Harper, heading to bed early with a signed Peggy Noonan book under his arm, quietly practices saying "We all appreciate the sacrifice" with a sincere but not overly-emotional look, reminding himself to use it when asked how many more Canadian soldiers have to die for the next week or so, and wondering if there are any more crullers left in that Tim Horton's box downstairs.

North Korean Soldiers Cross DMZ Amid Tensions

Peter MacKay, heading to bed exactly when Stephen Harper has told him to do it (with a glass of milk and a picture of Condoleezza Rice for under his pillow), is wondering if Canada should comment on the tensions between the two Koreas, his Palm Pilot still warm from a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! in his Spiderman bathrobe pocket, the flashing 'To Do' list reminding him to cancel that dinner with David Orchard for the 53rd time and waiting on a response from Belinda about his 'friends with benefits' offer, remembering that it worked so well for Ross and Rachel on TV.

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