Monday, April 25, 2005


If you watch kids TV, either because you have kids, or because it's a Saturday morning and between Newsworld and Meet the Press, one would like some kind of amusement from one's cable, you might come across Caillou. It's a show about a four year old, firmly aimed at the 4 year old set. Very gentle, non-challenging programming. In fact, it's so damn gentle that the edges of the frames aren't fully drawn, the action takes place from shot to shot in sort of a fine-edged canvas that turns into white at the edges, with that border shifting from shot to shot.


This is a stylistic device, probably made to replicate the style of the Caillou books, which are by all accounts a hit with the under 5 set. I mention this today because I'm working on sort of a Caillou vibe, the edges of my own day-to-day activities have been shrouded due to Robaxicet. I deal badly with pain killers, although they do kill the pain rather nicely. They also kill most other sensory stimulus, and put me into a sleepy state of mind where I'm not awake enough to even be sleepy- they induce great limbo.

The one thing keeping me aware of this realm at all is the stabbing pain (quite literally like an awl is pressed into me) under my left shoulder. I leaned over at the perfect wrong angle to scratch my cat under the chin, and this happened. Not uncommon. The result of general tension, sitting at the wrong angle while mousing, sleeping on the wrong nerve-ending. It will lift. But until then, I'm at the end of an echo chamber, the wrong end.


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