Friday, November 19, 2004

Rearranging the Story

I might lose my lefty credentials, but I'm glad that Prime Minister Martin canned Carolyn Parrish. She doesn't trust Bush? Sign me up for that club. Highly critical of US Foreign policy? Again, I'll sign. But the "I hate those bastards" comment was a stupid thing to make in the presence of the media, allegedly asking the reporters present not to play the clip was insipid (kind of like sprinkling sugar to get rid of ants at a picnic), and the flip flop between "I'm just plain-talkin'" and "Offend? Me? So sorry..." was so blatently manipulative...

To wit:

"Parrish told Canadian Press on Wednesday that 'I have absolutely no loyalty to this team. None. After what they've put me through and lots of my colleagues, they can go to hell. But he's (Martin's) not going to control me, so all he's going to do is end up looking weak.'"

"She then told CP, 'if he (Martin) loses the next election and he has to resign, I wouldn't shed a tear over it.'"

(both quoted in the Toronto Star)

A pretty clear line in the sand. Want more?

"Vowing to never be silenced by Martin, Parrish said she has no regrets. 'Every time he gets up and reprimands me, be it ever so gentle, it just feeds it and he looks like he can't control me, which he can't,' she said."

1. Proud status as rebel/aggressor
2. Open contempt for the party (why not quit? why wait to be fired?)
3. Impersonation of somebody who's controlling the situation, thus...

"...she did talk to Star columnist Chantal Hébert, saying she was relieved to be gone, though she noted how odd it was to be tossed out less than a day after she and the Prime Minister held a conciliatory meeting — one that ended in a goodwill hug. 'Actually, I was on the verge of quitting when I went in to see him. I thought better of it because he was so pleasant and understanding,' Parrish told Hébert. 'He was cross at the beginning but I was satisfied we left on good terms,' she added."

leading to

4. Proud victim/martyr status. Plus, how could any of this have gotten so far? After all, they hugged.

Cheap manipulative crap. Referred to as such. She is now a hero in some circles and demonized in others. It's politics, shouldn't be surprised, the deck is stacked and it isn't even being shuffled properly.


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