Saturday, November 20, 2004

Rearranging the Story II

Last word on Parrish. Really. From today's Star-

"Parrish said she wanted to resign when she met with Martin on Wednesday night, but in a conversation that ended with a friendly hug he persuaded her to stay. He fired her the next day after published reports in which she was quoted as saying that Martin and his advisers could 'go to hell.''I was ready,' Parrish said yesterday. 'I just needed a shove.'"

Again, she's trying to make it look like she's controlling the situation. Was about to quit, after all. It was PM Martin and that sneaky hug that got her to hang on. So it's not like she was fired, she just needed impetus to do the right thing (which she was going to do anyhow, after all). Impetus such as being...fired?

There hasn't been a good meltdown for a few years. Tom Jakobek started out well, but by the time his family came in to testify that, indeed, his financial dealings were weird, he began to look more and more like a propped-up paper lion than somebody who was willingly trying to bluff his way out of a situtation. More sad than tragic. Stockwell Day had the makings of a great sociopath, but by the time he wept during a press conference (was mortgaging his house to pay for legal fees for a libel suit), it was evident that he really didn't understand the consequences of his action. Unpleasant, but not a true manipulator.

Parrish had a great bunny-defiant-against-the-headlights kind of look to her, the same look that Conrad Black is getting as the forensic auditors sharpen their pencils. A look motivated by a voice in the back of the head that says "Nobody can stop you. Nobody can do a thing."


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