Monday, November 22, 2004

Magic Hour

I walked around Yonge/Dundas a few evenings ago, feeling like I was somewhere alien- maybe it was the fall of light at dusk. Cinematographers call it 'magic hour', some movies have actually been shot entirely at magic hour because the sky is still lit but the sun is nowhere in sight. It obviously doesn't last long, so such a procedure costs a great deal of money, but the results are stunning. 'Days of Heaven' and 'Heaven's Gate', both flawed films, look gorgeous.


Watching the flood of neon and oversized TV signs the other evening looked like a better-lit 'Blade Runner' to me, at street level, so I'm going out with a good digital camera to catch something. If I can photograph the sidestreets around an intersection I've been visiting for 30 years, and make it look foreign or new to me in a photograph, I've succeeded.


STAG said...

Looks pretty "noir" to me!

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