Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Face it

You love Rob Ford? You're not alone. You hate Rob Ford? You and a bunch of others. You haven't followed the news and you're wondering what everyone is either whining or crowing about? Here are some thumbnails:

"He is what he is and, unlike most people, makes no attempt to conceal it. What I doubt is that he is like you. Have the police been called to your home to resolve a dispute with your loved one? Do you have a mug shot?"

-Heather Mallick in The Star, either pointing out the obvious or going for the jugular.

"Anyone across Canada who considers Toronto a liberal (and Liberal) la-la land filled with sheep-like residents meekly accepting every new tax imposed on them, hasn’t been paying attention to its race for mayor. Suddenly, Toronto the Good has become Toronto the Pissed Off."
- Lorrie Goldstein in the Sun, finding yet another reason to use liberal and la-la land together.

"Those who like him, like him a lot. He clearly has tapped into an anger, a resentment, a bitterness that is out there about the state of affairs in the city — whether it is warranted or not, whether it’s an accurate diagnosis or not — let alone whether his prescription is the appropriate prescription.”
- Ryerson Professor Myer Siemiatycki quoted by Megan O'Toole in the National Post.

"Ford can’t win this race for mayor by being all things to all people. And no one knows that better than Ford. That’s why he keeps playing to his base, the narrow-minded bunch seemingly angry about everything and interested only in blaming someone, or something else for the current state of affairs. It’s the divide and conquer rule of politics."
- Enzo Di Matteo in Now Magazine sharing his blame-game theories.

"My hunch is therein lies the secret of Rob Ford’s appeal – for all his personal failures, he’s not one of them."
- Christie Blatchford in the Globe and Mail, not writing about her dog for a change. The piece is primarily about councillor expenses and Sandra Bussin's meltdown on John Tory's radio program, but it all comes back to Ford.


Anonymous said...

Nice choice of candidates! I hope the drag queen is running this year. I would hate to throw my vote away on one of these yahoos...

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