Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Things I've learned trying to clean up my life and associated mindset upon being granted some rather unexpected free time

1. Wicker chairs that were forgotten in the back yard (for three months) can be cleaned of mildew, dirt and that weird creeping mold with a scrub-brush, bleachy hot water and dish soap, and the free-floating energy of somebody who has found themselves in a situation that includes some free time.

2. The foam rubber cushions of said chairs (with the accompanying mildew, dirt and creeping mold) can also be rinsed, squeezed out, and left in the sun to be made clean as new.

3. Bleaching the hell out of the seat cushions...well, you get the idea.

4. Wicker can be painted with Zinsser primer and restored to something you'd like to sit in. So. Project #1 complete.

5. The upstairs linen closet in my rather elderly house provided three layers of wallpaper to remove. Including the ceiling. Deep blue paint in a linen closet is supposed to keep your whites very white, so now it's blue.

6. The old bought-at-Lansing-Lumber-back-in-the-70's shelves that have been littering your dead father's workshop are just fine for a linen closet in 2010. The psychological impact of spending an afternoon reviewing the contents of that workshop, not so good. But c'mon. Free shelves. And a project to wile away the hours.

7. A twenty-five year old reciprocating saw works just fine. A brand new one costs all of 40 bucks which the imperial coffers can spare, but let's be stubborn and use the old one.

8. Damn, my garage needs a cleaning. I really should get somebody to do it.

9. The 'somebody' in question appears to be me.

10. My son has re-discovered the joys of blowing soap bubbles, my chairs are once again suitable for sitting upon without fear of becoming a science experiment, my linen closet will soon be organized in such a way that it accommodates linen, a vacuum cleaner and my wife's sanity since she will no longer say that the linen closet is a seething miasma of chaos existing only to drive her insane. It's a lovely summer day and, rather unexpected spare time notwithstanding, life is good. The overwhelming advice I'm receiving is "Shut up and relax, for a change." Amen.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

There's an annoying commercial on CFRB right now that goes something along the lines of "Honey, weren't we going to entertain more this summer?" "But our outdoor furniture just won't DO."

Yours sounds great now - yay! Way better than living with the garage-clutter and figuring guests won't see the stains if they're sitting on them, which is what I do. :-)

p.s. My mother has been tackling my dad's workshop, bit by bit. It is where his presence is strongest. I can barely stand to see it.

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