Tuesday, May 26, 2009

People ain't human - again.

"...his widow who suffered severe bruising to her face and body and has a large wound on her head had to have a brain scan: 'They called themselves the UDA. I came across to help and they beat me where they beat him. My neighbour had to step in to save me. She was pregnant and they beat her too. She shouted ‘I am pregnant’ and they didn’t care.'" -Belfast Telegraph, May 26

I developed a fondness for Irish pubs early in life. I was also advised to answer the question "Rangers or Celtics?" with the words "God bless all here" and to perhaps move on to different topics (or a different pub) if the issue appeared to be a sticking point.

Here's why.

More here.

And here.


Over this.


Kate said...

everyone knows the actual answer to Rangers on Celtic is Thistle.

Mike D. said...

All but me - I am now educated.

Kate said...

Yeah the use of 'everyone' may not have been entirely accurate

Mike D. said...

I won't tell anyone. In fact, on this blog you're almost guaranteed anominity.

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