Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Patronizing, self-aggrandizing, right-wing trash. Except for...

"...the Globe’s Christie Blatchford...basically interviews her dog about the Dhalla affair, and compares her relationship with that dog to that between the Dhalla family and their now-insurgent caregivers. Pure, unadulterated, subscription-cancelling twaddle."

It's so rare that I agree with anything in the National Post, but their liveblog of Mulroney's Big Adventure is interesting and their take on Blatchford's love letter to her dog is spot on.

And this from the Star is too interesting to pass up:

"Earlier, in a bizarre twist at the hearing, an aide to Mulroney accused reporters of causing the former prime minister to cry by laughing as he testified about the hardships of being named a suspect in the Airbus affair.

Robin Sears accused two veteran reporters of giggling like 'f--king schoolchildren' and issued a vague threat, saying, 'If I were you, I wouldn't continue.' No reporters had been seen laughing during Mulroney's testimony, however."

Visit the Brian Mulroney Media Room for their take on it. If you really have to, that is.


Mark R. Hasan said...

I've no idea what the heck Christie Blatchford is trying to say, but I envy the paycheck undoubtedly fattened by such murky twaddle.

I wonder if I could write a similar, culturally significant piece if I asked my right and left feet to share in some discourse about where the turth might lie in the Dhalla and Byron Muldoon affairs (although maybe the ensuing tete-a-toes might raise such a stink, the neighbours would think I was losing my mind to some intoxicating madness).

Did that make more sense?

Better yet, though, is the Globe's bad site design that reduces the paper's name to a department header in the upper left corner, and the section title - National - resembles another paper's name. If I were that other paper, I'd be quite irked.


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