Friday, May 08, 2009

A man aware of the absurdity of it all

"I had an embarrassing experience once, many years ago. I was invited to go to CalTech and was introduced to a number of very brilliant young people who were working on interesting projects. They walked me through, and they would we’re doing this and we’re doing that, and we’re trying to figure out why this is happening. And then they’d say to me, 'What do you think?' Expecting me to have some very sound advice. And I would nod very quietly and very sagely I would say, 'You’re on the right track.'"

Leonard Nimoy in today's New York Times

He gets it.

I'll confess to wanting - deeply wanting - the new movie to make me feel eleven years old again. If it doesn't, I can flash back to this clip from the first movie, all seven minutes and forty four seconds of pulp-fiction glory (and once viewed, you really don't need to watch the rest of the film). Moderate geekdom confession completed. Mea culpa.


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