Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am not in control of numerous things in my life right now, to varying degrees of irritation or all-out discomfort. That said, damnit, I can still make soup.

A red and orange pepper, a fat white cooking onion, two zucchini. Cut and tossed with some olive oil, baked on a tray until it smells roasted and almost burnt. Key word: almost.

A head of garlic, top cut off, baked with a little oil for an hour until soft and sweet.

An eggplant and six plum tomatoes, baked until browned and carmelized.

Everything dropped into a pot with enough water to cover. A cup of lentils, a cup of yellow split peas. Any handy herbs that look good. Cooked until the beans are soft and pureed with a venerable handmixer. Fed with feta and pita to my pretty wife after her dance class. Life is, not unpredictably, odd. Soup prevails.


mz said...

YUM! I mean the soup and not your wife. Not that I don't think Abbey is beautiful but I really love soup!

I must make that. That looks awesome!

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