Friday, March 06, 2009

10 Don'ts for John Tory

"'Obviously, I am very disappointed,' Tory, gracious in defeat, told hushed supporters in his concession speech above a Greek restaurant shortly before 11 p.m. 'But the voters can never be wrong in what they decide and I respect their decision.'"

The Toronto Star, March 6th

Gracious indeed. And yet, I still feel compelled to remind Mr. Tory of a few missteps over the last few years:

1. Don’t drop yourself into a riding where the incumbent you’re replacing had over 30yrs of family history.

2. Don’t take a 2 week vacation after losing 1/3rd of your party’s support.

3. Don’t say ‘Maybe I should leave…’ and ‘Oh, what the hell, I’ll stay’ without a suitable pause between the two statements.

4. Don’t get sulky when questioned by the press and your compatriots after #3.

5. Don’t run for Mayor of Toronto again.

6. Don’t assume you can buy your way into office. Yes, others have. And yes, all things considered, you’re much closer to Bill Davis than to Mike Harris, and in saner times that’s a good thing. But there were whispers about Stephen Harper aligning with a Bill Davis model a long time ago (or at least it feels like a long time ago) and look where that’s led us.

7. Don’t get me wrong, John. Anybody who doesn’t want to be the next Mike Harris has a special place in my heart.

8. Don’t forget to write.

9. Don’t take #8 too seriously.

10. Don't blame me if Bill Murdoch calls for a little chat. But hey, now that you've got the time...


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