Thursday, October 30, 2008

1,460 days, give or take

I've kept this blog for almost 4 years. I started it to force myself to write something - anything - assuming that if the text was going out into the universe (or the 8 or so regular readers), I'd at least be compelled to write something coherent.

The jury's out on that one. I've resisted the urge to go back and edit old entries - call it penance. If I read something and cringe at a mistake, I won't make that mistake again.

And the jury's out on that one as well. Let's just say that over 4 years, a few pieces actually managed to do what I wanted them to do. I have no idea if that makes them good, legitimate or worth reading, but they're the ones I remember. More than a few were pounded out at 1am simply to get them out of my head, and there are plenty of cringe-worthy typos and awkward phrases. Not a surprise for anyone who reads this regularly.

So, as part of the very small anniversary celebrations (I am, as we speak, eating a small cinnamon bun to fete the occasion), here are the entries that I think were worth the effort:

- Two brief pieces about dealing with the minefield of Christmas, one after the death of my father (Happening), one dreading the death of my uncle (Epilogue, written in April yet). Hey, I never said these were cheery entries...

- A piece that tried to figure out the motivation behind an allegation of rape (A story and a volume of Auden) from somebody I tried to take care of.

- An multi-part account of being seduced and abandoned (which is rather overstating the case) 8 years or so after a high-school makeout session (High jumping, gold hatted). The duration of the event and the general slow-motion weirdness struck me as an interesting story.

- Laying Down in 2003. Fun and wackiness intering a box of ashes. In the words of my cousin, said with a sweet smile, "It's been a perfectly morbid day."

- My meeting with Gene Simmons or a reasonable facsimile (Knights in Santa's Service), and I really hope it was just a tall guy from the states with a good make-up kit.

- The danger and inevitability of somebody's well-intended or false Promises and Apologies.

- Suicide, a media circus, a few unpleasant personal connections and the accompanying awkwardness (Fallen Away). It was launched by a comment from Kim on the West Coast, talking about a classmate. Tapped into something. Thanks, Kim.

- Food and revenge? At the same time? Why not? Eating.

- And a weird bit of fiction based on an even weirder story heard over a beer (April fifth, two thousand and two)

Even if only for my own peace of mind (and what is a blog, if not self-indulgent), the above entries were worth the time and effort. I think. Comments welcome. Signing it off with Ta, followed by Da.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And I just had some fun reading the Zelda story (Bus to Albany, etc.). Hope we can meet again for another beer, believe it or not that night felt rather rushed to me. You're a great storyteller and I look forward to hearing more (and maybe telling a few of my own!)

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