Saturday, August 30, 2008

T-shirts with political slogans are stupid. Grow up.

Around a year ago I wrote about Post Secret and suggested that it appealed to people who think a pithy t-shirt or a catchy bumper sticker is legitimate and thoughtful discourse. Somebody took great offence (or didn't understand the word 'discourse' and thought that they, personally, were being dissed) and left some snippy comments which I erased. In hindsight I should have kept them. Freedom of speech and all. In fact, so few people actually read this blog that any apparent stranger (or at least somebody too intimidated to leave even a fake name) should be considered a valued guest.

I was hoping that particular level of indignant-pissy was limited to a certain breed of Post Secret fans (and you know who you are), but it's an election year in the States (and, suddenly, here) and I'd forgotten that t-shirts are the perfect way to piss off the guy beside you in Starbucks. It's a faster and easier way to look civic minded than actually voting, and it's a fine excuse to avoid any kind of genuine activism while still being able to attend the right parties and linger over the dip with an air of street cred. It's quite beastly really, but they like that, the politicos.

These samples are mostly American and come from Zazzle, ThoseShirts, BrandResistent, mediumt, the che store (I couldn't make that up if I tried) and a CafePress shop. These are the first few that struck me as either vaguely clever or nauseating, frequently simultaneously. I know I'm falling into the same trap that I'm decrying, but hey. Forewarned is forearmed. Feel free to disagree. And use names, okay?

Flogging a dead horse.

Flogging two dead horses, simultaneously.


Juvenile and downright scary.

To be fair, I didn't see this one coming. It's frighteningly single-source- you can drop in the political stripe of your choice and use the same image, feed your martyr complex, and get the occasional cry of 'I am Spartacus!' on the street with one shirt. Bravo.

I don't agree with the logic, and the whining doesn't dignify anyone, but this gets points for being topical if nothing else for appearing within 24hrs of McCain's choice. Does he know about it? Did he sell one of his houses to pay for the quick run? It's a fair question.

Of course, Americans don't have all the fun. Any red-blooded Canadian can wear this one and probably cage free dip at any party as the rebel. If not, there's always take-out and the dignity of an evening at home.

And everyone- when your side tells you to vote early and often, think about the request.


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