Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're not angry, we're very very disappointed... hell with that. we're angry. Right to strike? Sure. I'm for it. I've worked under Union rules before, they were fine for me. I try not to cross picket lines. My problem with the TTC starts with a) they've just given John Tory a snowball's chance in hell of getting enough voters in Toronto to listen to him and cause some real damage, and b) the one hour strike notice after pledging 48hrs notice is not acceptable. Bob Kinnear delivered a deal he thought would fail to get the element of surprise for a strike action, or he misread his Union. Either way, Mr. Kinnear needs to dust off his resume and start taking cabs.

For the rest of us, it's been a tense 48hrs or so. And in light of the Union not wanting to "expose our members to the dangers of assaults from angry and irrational members of the public," I recommend a number of measures that are guaranteed non-violent but still express displeasure in a civil manner:

1. 65% of the workers voted against the contract, as was their right. Fine. As part of the let's-kiss-and-make-up talks, the Union must agree to kick 65% of their workforce off the job for 48hrs and not allow them to use any manner of public transit for that time. Also, they must be bussed to random locations no less than 10km from their place of residence before being told that they've got 2 days to stop and think about what they've done. It's only fair, right?

2. The Union rejected a 3% raise for the next three years. Let's call it 9% all at once to save time, and dock 9% of 2 days pay from a randomly chosen 65% of Local 113 members. The money can go to charity or to improving Wheel-Trans.

3. Once upon a time, the Unions in Ontario got all miffed over Bob Rae. They threw their tacit support behind Mike Harris. Things went badly for all involved from that point on. Let's take this opportunity to remind Local 113 of times gone by:- for 48hrs, all members must, upon request from the public, say "That Mike Harris, he sure knows how to deal with the Unions," or "Boy, John Tory's got a lot of really valid points" in a voice loud enough to be heard for no less than 2.5metres. Extreme times call for extreme measures.

4. If John Tory manages to ride this or any other misbehaviour into office, Union members must open up their phone lines for 48hrs each year to accept any call from any person wanting to say "I told you so."

5. Local 113 will not be permitted to use the motto "We Move Toronto" for no less than 365 days. They can use "We Move Toronto sometimes...", but really, it dignifies nobody.


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