Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And one that needs no introduction...

Seen above, Prime Minster Harper looking like somebody who's trying to grab some donuts before a busy day of dodging the press, the opposition, or anybody who might disagree with him. Fortunately, the sheer incompetence of his cabinet and assorted apparatchiks are taking care of his share of idiocy and avoidance of responsibility. From today's Toronto Star:

In a secret policy shift almost three months ago, the Canadian government stopped transferring Afghan prisoners to local authorities upon witnessing evidence of torture, according to a bombshell letter.

The revelation comes a year after the Conservative government ridiculed its opponents for raising torture allegations and Prime Minister Stephen Harper accused them of being pro-Taliban.

The abrupt shift was divulged in a letter submitted this week by federal lawyers to a pair of human rights organizations that have launched a case in Federal Court.

In short, the Conservative approach to all of this has been:

"There is no maltreatment of our prisoners. What are you, crybabies?"

"We don't transfer prisoners. Okay, we do. But I didn't know. Stop whining. What are you crybabies?"

"We're not going to stop transferring prisoners, and we're going to court to shut up the whining bleeding heart crybabies who think we should stop."

"Okay, we've stopped. And yes, it came out in court. And we never told anyone. But in the end...we did the right thing, didn't we?"

If you're one of those people who feel that the Star is one of those pinko rags and would prefer to hear it from the fellow faithful, here's a lift from the National Post:

Canada's former defence minister Gordon O'Connor was forced to apologize to Parliament for misleading it about the previous detainee transfer agreement.

Eight days after this latest incident, Bernier made no mention of the decision to suspend detainee transfers when the issue arose again in the Commons.

"Amnesty International is calling for a moratorium on prisoner transfers. According to its information, prisoners are still being subjected to torture and abuse," Bloc Quebecois MP Claude Bachand said on Nov. 13 during Question Period. "Will the prime minister today, from his seat, order an end to the transfer or prisoners to the Afghan authorities?"

Prime Minister Stephen Harper remained seated. Bernier answered for the government, but made no mention that the transfers had been suspended, nor did he mention the incident eight days earlier.

He's a busy guy. Must have slipped his mind. He's been building up his transparency and accountability portfolio recently, and it doesn't allow for a lot of hands-on governing. But given the length of time this has been in the works, and given the level of paperwork in a bureaucracy, I ask again...does Prime Minster Harper not know how to read?


STAG said...

Yeah, like can do anything about it.

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