Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another clip that matters to nobody except me with my own odd associations

The Boomtown Rats, '85 I believe.

Lesson remembered? Flirt with death, but never kiss her.


James McNally said...

Michael, found your blog through a comment you made on Norm Wilner's film blog. Reading through the stuff here and on your Father's Day blog makes me certain we knew each other. Back in 1985, even, making my comment here at least tangentially appropriate. I would have liked to watch the Boomtown Rats clip, but alas, it's no longer available.

You were one of the young ragamuffins from York Mills Collegiate that attended my youth group at Parkway Bible Church, I think. Tell me if I'm mistaking you for someone else. I doubt it, though. You're a fine writer, which makes me envious and respectful.

I'd love to catch up sometime. Get in touch if you're amenable and we'll grab a beer.

James McNally

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