Thursday, March 15, 2007 that 'Meem' or 'Mimi' or 'Meh-muh'?

Shows how un-hep I am. Which shouldn't surprise anyone, really.

But in the spirit of being chosen for the Meme, I'm about to reveal 5 previously unknown things about myself. Most people who know me already know most stuff about me (those who don't know me probably won't be reading this), but here goes:

1. Cool white neon (or flourescent light) has always struck me as soothing and comforting. Which makes no sense - I hate flourescent tubes (and am perhaps spelling it wrong) in an office building, but the pale, cool light of a gas station on a cold night or a dark summer night reminds me of driving around farm country when I was a kid. Like an outpost of civilization in the middle of nowhere.

(I didn't say these things were gonna be spicy or anything...)

2. I belonged to a children's chorus for a few months when I was a kid, but the conductor of the troupe scared the hell out of me. I saw him slap a child across the face once, which even at an early age I knew was assault. He never touched me, or threatened me, or any such thing...but it gave me the creeps. My mother finally picked up on it and let me leave the troupe.

The conductor called my house a few days later and kept saying "If I could just speak to him alone, one-on-one for a moment, I'm sure he'd come back...", which gave her the creeps. I pass the rehearsal hall from time to time and over 25yrs later I won't set foot in it. There's no logic behind this, just knee-jerk something. Scary, kids.

3. I regret this very moment (based on a fast review of the contents of my DVD rack and bookshelves) that I was not born (deep breath) John Steinbeck, Penn Gillette, James Thurber, Dick Powell, Rod Serling, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alden Nowlan, Caleb Daschenel, Fran Leibowitz (well, why not?) or Dylan Thomas. And those are just the first 10 I could think of.

4. I have a personalized autographed picture of Mr. Rogers. It was sent to me when I was 5 or so after I'd sent him a letter asking if I could visit his home on TV. His response read that his TV show was made a long way away in Philadelphia but that I was welcome to watch him any time it was on. And if I wrote him again, he'd try to write me back. When Mr. Rogers died I didn't weep or nuthin', I just thought that he was either a genuinely nice dude or had a very attentive mail service. Either way, it's not like he ever hurt anybody.

5. I scooped a few spare Cheerios from my son's breakfast tray, ate them and said "These taste like Star Wars." It made sense to me - between the first and second flicks, there was some Cheerios giveaway (which I believe was for a Boba Fett doll, any geeks out there are free to correct me) and it was my favourite cereal at the time. It's still crazy to say it out loud - not quite sure why I did.

In that same vein, I walked into Song and Script at Bloor and Bay a few weeks ago and almost said "It smells like Christmas." Again, brief explanation- I would get money for Christmas and Birthday presents when I was a teen, and would go to Song and Script to buy sheet music and tapes/records. The association remains.

And I have no idea who to send this to next...maybe the Purveyor of Madness and Joy.


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