Monday, March 12, 2007

Here's Another Fine Mess I've Gotten Me Into...

This has nothing to do with Laurel and Hardy, but the level of dignity is about the same. From BBC, it's a late entry in the Sin category that deserves inclusion. To wit:

Israel has recalled its ambassador to El Salvador after he was found drunk and naked apart from bondage gear.
Okay. I believe that this is referred to as 'a career limiting move.' Unless numerous other Israeli diplomats are reached at their posts and are caught on camera in their bondage gear saying "Really, we don't know what all the fuss is about..."

Reports say he was able to identify himself to police only after a rubber ball had been removed from his mouth.
I can't help but see this cop wacking the guy on the back of the head saying "Drop it! Drop it! Now...who's a pretty boy? Tummyrub! Fetch the ball gag! Go! Fetch!" (whispering to his partner ) "Get the net..."

A foreign ministry official described Ambassador Tzuriel Refael's behaviour as an unprecedented embarrassment.
I agree with this. Especially the 'unprecendented' part. On the whole, diplomats might get drunk from time to time, or make intemperate comments, or shake the wrong hand at a party, but the whole caught-outside-naked-but-for-bondage-wear thing has pretty much raised the bar for all those future diplomats just waiting to embarass themselves.

You wait. Some diplomat in the next year is going to make a stupid and sweeping statement about his host country, and as the protestors start massing in the local square he'll say "C'mon, nobody's perfect. My bad. At least I'm not naked with a ball gag..." and they'll all stop and say "He makes a very valid point."

The incident, which happened two weeks ago, has renewed calls for a radical overhaul of the way Israel appoints and promotes its diplomats.
Right. Stop using the job board at Literotica post-haste.

San Salvador was Mr Refael's first post as ambassador. He was promoted in 2006 from a technical position in the ministry which had involved several foreign postings.
By 'postings,' does it refer to locations around the world where Mr. Rafael had been bound to various kinds of posts? Bedposts, lampposts, small town Post Offices, an oversized box of Post Raisin Bran in an incident best forgotten?
He was being recalled, although he had not broken any laws, foreign ministry spokeswoman Zehavit Ben-Hillel told reporters. She confirmed that lurid reports of the incident in the Israeli press were accurate. "We're talking about behaviour that is unbecoming of a diplomat," she said.
Oh, I don't know. It shows that he's not the kind of person to just sit around the consulate when there are people to press the flesh with. It's looking like he's the kind of guy who can take a punch. And accepting the ball gag shows that he's willing to exhibit great deal of discretion.

Haaretz website reports that police found Mr Refael in the Israeli embassy compound where he had been found bound, gagged and naked apart from sado-masochistic sex accessories.
C'mon. Dude needs a bit of glam.

In 2006, Israel's diplomatic service was criticised by the public watchdog for its appointments system.
And from this watchdog, Mr. Refael obtained the collar and leash that he was wearing. The whereabouts of the choke chain and muzzle are unknown at this time.

The state comptroller's report singled out the foreign ministry appointments committee for its inadequate examination of candidates and lack of transparency.
I have to contest this. Just a few lines back it was revealed that he'd been 'found bound, gagged and naked apart from sado-masochistic sex accessories.' And that was not a transparent activity? This isn't a guy who wears his wife's knickers under his 3 piece suit. No. Here is a man who has just exhibited a great deal of transparency. Credit where credit is due.


Norm Wilner said...

This comment has nothing to do with diplomats in bondage -- or does it? -- but I am writing to inform you that you, sir, have been tagged with that meme thing where you offer up five previously unknown things about yourself.

So there.

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