Monday, February 12, 2007

2007; A Sick Odyssey

1st week in February didn't work out so hot. Funeral on Tuesday. Nausea and vomiting Friday night. Continuing into Saturday. Replaced by, shall we say, gastrointestinal distress on Sunday. Mind and body appear to be improving slowly, until my wife is awoken with the same symptoms at around 2:05am Monday morning. Lesson learned- that nasty flu you keep hearing about is nasty. And virulent. If you feel like hell, go to bed. Sleep it off. Take clear liquids. Billy, don't be a hero. Don't give this to the first person who touches the same doorhandle as you did at Sobeys.

Ironically, I was supposed to go to a meeting about planning company-wide communications in the wake of a pandemic on Monday afternoon. I don't think a burst of stomach flu counts as a pandemic, but there's irony there. If you squint.

My son appears fine, being under 2yrs old he probably has the best immune system around these here parts. But if his grandparents offer to take him for a day or so I will accept the offer. Friday after 10pm is a blur until around 2pm Sunday, hopefully Abby has a milder dose. I'm hoping that the Gravol will keep her down, but the sounds eminating from the bedroom suggest activity. This could mean a) vomiting, b) the aformentioned gastrointestinal distress, c) the cold shakes (and they were a treat), or d) some new twist I didn't get in my dose. I'm putting 25 bucks on a migraine. Anybody taking those odds?

This is lousy. Repeat.


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