Saturday, October 29, 2005

Next round

"You're not blogging anymore?"
"I'm not avoiding it, just haven't had the time."
"Babies sleep."
"Ever had one?"
"What, they sleep 22hrs a day."
"Not consecutively."
"'d think there would be a lot to write about."
"There is. Most of it isn't fit for public consumption."
"Too in-progress. Call it that. Besides, it's a damn BLOG. Few if any of the 11 readers would be heartbroken between updates."
"Never said they would be. I just thought you wrote to keep sane."
"I do."
"So, publish."
"Not a lot to say at the moment."
"That's stopped you before?"

Sigh. Baby is fine. Nicknamed 'Mouse' from time to time due to a habit of squeaking. Not crying, squeaking.


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